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 Mini_Yore (I_AM_LYCAN)

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PostSubject: Mini_Yore (I_AM_LYCAN)   Tue Apr 03, 2012 7:43 pm

1) Name (Your In Game Name of the character you want to join the guild; Please spell it correctly): Mini_Yore

2) Current Level: 100

3) Class: Assassin

4) Game Play Per week (How active are You? // How many hours a day/week are you on-line?): bout 8-10 hours 3-4 days a week

5) What country/state are you from; and what is your time difference from server time?: East Coast of Australia

6) What are your previous factions and why did you leave your last faction?: Acid_Rain, Forbiden, Deltora, Shinra Because they are a more layed back and casual guild and i am looking for a structured guild who does tw

7) Have you ever been an EX-Member of KageBushi on any character? If so please list which character and the reason you left.
Am a current member on my barb I_AM_LYCAN

8 ) Who do you know in this faction? I_AM_LYCAN (me), shadowroot, Mardan, biggizmo, Desmerelda

9) Why do you want to join KageBushi? i am looking for a structured guild who does tw on my sin and want to come home and be commited to KageBushi 110%

10) What are you looking for in a faction, and what are you willing to do for the faction? looking for everything kage does and willing to help where ever im needed

11) Tell Us a little more about yourself, and your game playing style. mainly PVE but do dabble in the PVP every now and then

12) Is this your main character, if this is not you only character, is it the one you play the most? This is a Duel Main with my barb I_AM_LYCAN i am usually on both at the same time

13) If you have any other characters, what guilds are they currently in? KageBushi and Deltora

14) What do you do in a case where you are PK'd? usually go 2 town and keep going with what im doin it a pvp server so no big deal

15) Do You have Ventrilo? (This is a requirement, even if you only have a way to listen): yes i have ventrilo can talk and listen 2

16) Have you read and understand the guild rules, and are you willing to abide by them? yes i have read and understand the Guild Rules

17) Please List or supply screen shots of your current gear along with refinement and shards (please include all weapons that you use // especially if you are a BM or APS.) ( Not Require for recent Ex KB members )
- Warsoul of earth +3 3 immac HP
- r8 top +3 3 flawless HP
- HH NV pants +3 3 flawless HP
- Ashura's Boots +3 3 flawless HP
- r8 daggers +3 2 immac Garnet
- Lionheart Necklace +3
- Ashura's Sleeves +3 3 flawless HP
- CoA Ring +3 x2
- Lionheart Belt +3
- Energetic Robe: Lunar Glade +3 2 immac HP
- Pan Gu tome

18) Are you able and willing to attend Territory Wars (Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday)? yes i can attend on either this toon or my barb depending on what the guild needs in terms of defence or offence

19) Have you had any previous Territory War experience? If Yes, Where and When? yes with kagebushi for many years

20) Guild Base Quests are our means of tracking who is active in this guild. Are you willing & able to do Guild Base Quest to the best of your ability, and comfortable with the fact that we do random checks/updates to see who is, and is not doing said quests? i do them every day and am fine with checks and updates

21) Are you comfortable with a background check? ( Recent Ex KB members are not require ) yes
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Posts : 22
Join date : 2010-05-05
Age : 27
Location : Australia

PostSubject: BACON IS AWSOME   Wed Apr 04, 2012 8:41 pm

pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese shadow
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Mini_Yore (I_AM_LYCAN)
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