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 I wanna join

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I wanna join Empty
PostSubject: I wanna join   I wanna join I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 16, 2011 11:04 am

1) AyumiXI

2) 100

3) Sin

4) like 4-6 h per day =)

5) Germany

6) No fac :<

7) Nope

8 ) My hubby :> xXNoNameXx <3

9) I want to be with my hubby =)

10) I can help with nv, hh, bh, bosses or culti =)


12) I also got a Psy (guildless) and a EP (in Tri-Force) iam mostly using my ep and my sin =)

13) Tri-Force

14) Kill him xD

15) Yep =)

16) Yep =)

17) WS of of earth +5 2x g7
1nd cast nv daggers +5 1x garnet g9
r8 chest+5 3x g7 hp shards
2nd cast nv leggings+5 3x g9 hp shards
hh99 la boots+5 2x g7 hp shards
hh99 wristguards+5 2xg7 hp shards
hh99 ha necklace and belt both+5
Wraithgae interval robe +5 3x g7 hp
r8 ring
Misty Peach Blossoms tome (+7 dex +6vit)

18) Fri and Sat if iam not in tw for Tri-Force :<

19) Iam in Essence/Tri-Force for 1 year now =)
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I wanna join Empty
PostSubject: Re: I wanna join   I wanna join I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 16, 2011 12:26 pm

Yes Very Happy
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I wanna join
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